Park it at our place!


Our storage facility has a variety of outdoor storage spots, as well as the ability to fence in spots and rent mobile storage units. Contact us directly for more information.

Our hours vary throughout the year to adapt to the time of year. Typically from sunrise to just after sunset. Specific hours will be posted to our website and texts and emails sent to our clients throughout the year. If you need access to your stored items before or after these times please contact our team.

Each of our client’s has an online portal where they are able to pay with ACH (free) or with credit card (for a fee).

Yes, we do offer discounts for our customers that prefer to do a six month or yearly lease versus a standard month to month lease. Just let our team know you would like more information about these options. 

We meet our clients onsite by appointment only. If you are a customer and need onsite assistance while storing with us please call 919-552-9349. 

Pick your spot is a paid for feature that allows you to pick the exact spot you will be storing in. 

Yes, or entire lot is fenced in with a gate that you can access with your personal pin code. In addition some storage spaces are individually fenced in within the facility lot with their own lockable gate to give our clients lots of secure options. 

We have state of the art cameras that operate 24/7 and are available for our clients to view through the online camera access at their leisure.

Yes, for a limited time this feature is free for our customers. Cameras can be accessed 24/7 through your login. 

No, you can reserve your spot but also calling in. You can temporarily reserve your spot online. All online reservations are followed up with a phone call from one of our team members. You can also bypass the online reservation system and contact our team directly at 919-552-9349.